Kode : NL-FF.1

Supplied including:
• Standard Accessories: cables, hose, nametag
• All necessary materials for installations
• Operation and Maintenance Book in English
• Transport to Location, Installation, Commissioning, Trial Run
• Letter of Authorization
• Installation, Function Test and Training
• Guaranteed Spare Parts Availability min. 5 years

Documentation :
• User’s manual
• Pedagogical manual
• Technical documentation of the Lab exercises
• Electrical diagram
• Piping diagram
• Certificate of conformity CE, SNI ISO 9001:2015; 45001:2018; 14001:2015 for manufacturer




This unit is used to study fluid friction losses through pipes with valve diameters and orifice meters. The pipe to be tested can be selected through the valve system without interruption. Energy loss measurement is done by measuring differential pressure and measurement of mercury pressure.

Learning :
• Study of regular pressure losses
• Piping of different diameters (DN15, DN25)
• Smooth or rough piping of the same diameter (DN15)
• Study of singular pressure losses
• Bernoulli’s Theorem
• Study of a transparent venturi
• Study of a transparent orifice plate flowmeter

Specifications :
• The trainer is installed on an aluminum profile structure fitted with four directional castors with brakes.
• Translucent PVC piping, diaphragm flow control valve, circuit pressurizing valve, 21 pressure taps with self-closing connector
• Smooth pipe DN25 length 1.5m
• Smooth pipe DN15 length 1.5m
• Rough pipe DN15 length 1.5m
• Bends of different angles (180° small radius, 180° large radius, 135°, 45°)
• Three types of valves (diaphragm, ball, needle)
• Increase and decrease in diameter (DN25 to DN15)
• A transparent venturi and orifice plate
• Water Flow Meter : 1- 18 l/min
• Polyethylene water tank Capacity: 75L, Drain valve at lower partDrain valve in the lower part
• Water Pump : Centrifuge, 60lt/min ; 0.75kW
• Water column manometer
• 2 unit electronic pressure transmitter 4bars
• 2 Digital pressure display

• Dimension : 280 x 75 x 64cm
• Weight : 130Kg
• Electricity : 220VAC, 50Hz, 1Ph. 900 Watt
• Equipment requires a water source
• The water material used in this practice is demineralized water or distilled water


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