Kode : PET-970



The Power Electronic Trainer is a panel construction type trainerdesigned for teaching and learning principles basic power electronics and its application in industry. Standard electronic control symbols are displayed on each module.
Students can study in a modular way. The type of panel construction that allows students to do experiment them easily. All input and output terminals using a shielded 4mm socket and plug. Comes with an experiment manual.

Experiment topic:
• Thyristor Characteristics
• Thyristors in DC circuits
• Characteristics of the TRIAC
• TRIAC Power-Up Response
• Characteristics of the DIAC
• Ignition Pulse Generation with UJT
• Natural Commutation in UJT Pulse Generation
• Phase Control with UJT
• Single Phase Diode Voltage Rectifier
• Single Phase Thyristor Half Wave Voltage Rectifier
• Full Wave Voltage Rectifier
• Thyristor Connection Bridge
• Full Wave Control: TRIAC and Thyristor-Antiparallel Circuits
• Battery Charging
• Optical Encoder as Feedback
• Identification of Plant Characters
• Open Loop Speed Controller
• Closed Loop AC Motor Speed Control with PID
• Closed Loop DC Motor Speed Control with PID


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