Kode : NL-TPD.1

Supplied including :
• Standard Accessories: cables, hoses, valves, name tag, fitting
• All necessary materials for installations
• Operation and Maintenance Book
• Transport to Location, Installation, Commissioning, Trial Run
• Letter of Authorization
• Installation, Function Test and Training
• Guaranteed Spare Parts Availability min. 5 years

Documentation :
• User’s manual
• Pedagogical manual
• Technical documentation of the Lab exercises
• Electrical diagram & piping diagram
• Certificate of conformity CE, SNI ISO 9001:2015; 45001:2018; 14001:2015 for manufacturer



Process dynamics shows the performance of a process whose profile always changes over time. Process dynamics always occur as long as the process system has not reached steady state. Unsteady state occurs due to disturbance of the steady state. This process dynamic behavior will certainly be found in various chemical plants, therefore in order for the process to remain stable, the dynamic characteristics of the process system and processing system must be identified. If the dynamics of operating equipment and equipment are understood, it will be easy to control, prevent damage, and monitor the location where damage occurs if the performance of the equipment is reduced and the tool does not work according to its operating specifications.

Learning :
• Studied the emptying behavior of a single tank
• Recognize and define steady and unsteady states for the integrated tank
• Construct a mathematical model to model tank discharge and tank systems in an unsteady state
• determine the parameters of the mathematical model that has been built from a series of experimental data

Specifications :
• Stainless steel piping, tank and frame
• 2 Reservoir tank, @50lt capacity
• 3 cylinder process tank, @45lt capacity
• Liquid level indicator
• Water pump, 125W
• Electric control panel
• Stainless steel, gate & ball valve
• Dimension : 100 x 70 x 250cm
• Electricity : 220VAC, 50Hz, 1Ph. Max. 500 Watt


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