Kode : L-SE.1

Supplied including:
• Standard Accessories: cables, nametag
• All necessary materials for installations
• Operation and Maintenance Book
• Transport to Location, Installation, Commissioning, Trial Run
• Letter of Authorization
• Installation, Function Test and Training
• Guaranteed Spare Parts Availability min. 5 years

Documentation :
• User’s manual
• Pedagogical manual
• Technical documentation of the Lab exercises
• Electrical diagram
• Piping diagram
• Certificate of conformity CE, SNI ISO 9001:2015; 45001:2018; 14001:2015 for manufacturer



Extraction using steam in the essential oil extraction process at a temperature close to 100oC . The system is passed through the material (plant), where the volatile compounds evaporate carried away by the flow of water vapor, then the steam is condensed to form a liquid that cannot be mixed, namely essential oil and water which can be separated in a decanter. The parts of plants that can be extracted using this tool can be in the form of flower petals, leaves,
bark, seeds, to roots. Essential oils are now widely available in the market with a wide selection of different aromas, according to the plant being extracted.

Specification :
• Stainless Steel construction (SS-304) for frame, Feed Water Tank and Steam Tank.
• Frames include wheel (with lock system) for easy to move.
• Steam Tank (Production Tank):
o Level control (glass) and sieve tray.
o Pressure Gauge and release valve
• Water Feed Tank (Condenser Tank):
o Condenser pipe
o Check valve
o Ball valve (for refill water into production tank)
• Control Panel:
o Temperature control

Technical Specifications :
: Max 180 l
: Max 250 l
: Emergency Switch
: Relief Valve
• Production Tank Capacity
• Feed Water Tank Capacity
• Safety device
• Heater : 2 x 2200 Watt

• Space for footprint : 13o0cm x 80 cm
• Electricity : 220VAC, 50Hz. 1Ph. 4500 Watt
• Equipment requires a water source
• The water material used in this unit is demineralized water or distilled


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