Kode : NL-SP.1

Supplied including:
• Standard Accessories
• All necessary materials for installations
• Operation and Maintenance Book in English
• Transport to Location, Installation, Commissioning, Trial Run
• Letter of Authorization
• Installation, Function Test and Training
• Guaranteed Spare Parts Availability min. 5 years

Documentation :
• User’s manual
• Pedagogical manual
• Technical documentation of the Lab exercises
• Electrical diagram
• Piping diagram
• Certificate of conformity CE, SNI ISO 9001:2015; 45001:2018; 14001:2015 for manufacturer




This apparatus has been designed for an easy study of the basics of sedimentation process. Five graduated cylinders are mounted vertically on a lighting backboard. Each cylinder may be removed from the board for washing, filling and mixing operations.

• Study of the characteristics and determination of the sedimentation curves of the same suspension with different
concentrations of solids.
• Influence of the density of the solid on the sedimentation velocity.
• Influence of the density and viscosity of the liquid on sedimentation velocity.
• Distribution of particle size. Characteristics of sedimentation of solids of the same density and different particle sizes.
• Study of the variation of the initial height in the sedimentation velocity.
• Study of the use of flocculants. Coagulation-flocculation.
• Comparison of the sedimentation characteristics of different suspensions.

Technical Specification :
• Dimensions: Height 1.230 x Width 800 x Lenght 620 mm.
• Weight 50Kg
• Anodized aluminum structure.
• 5 removable glass tubes of 1.000 mm length and 51 mm inner diameter.
• 10 Plugs with closing mechanism.
• 5 fluorescent lamps.
• Translucent, graduated and backlit back panel.
• Waterlight stopwatch up to 10 m, of resolution 1/100 s.
• 5 beakers of 250 ml.
• 2L capacity liter jar.
• 50 ml pycnometer.
• DLT Precision Balance Maximum weight = 410 g / Accuracy = 0.1 g.
• 200 g calibration weight, to periodically calibrate the precision balance according to the instructions of the same.

• Electricity : 220VAC, 50Hz, 1Ph. 150W
• Equipment requires a water source
• The water material used in this unit is demineralized water or distilled


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