Kode : NL – HVTL.1

Supplied including :

  • Standard Accessories: cables, grounding system, name tag, fitting, compressor, vacuum pump
  • All necessary materials for installations
  • Operation and Maintenance Book
  • Transport to Location, Installation, Commissioning, Trial Run
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Installation, Function Test and Training
  • Guaranteed Spare Parts Availability min. 5 years

Documentation :

  • User’s manual
  • Pedagogical manual
  • Technical documentation of the Lab exercises
  • Electrical diagram
  • Hydraulic diagram
  • Software of supervision
  • Certificate of conformity CE, SNI ISO 9001:2015; 45001:2018; 14001:2015 for manufacturer



The High Voltage Tests laboratory is specially designed to allow performing various experiments with high alternating voltages, high direct voltages and impulse voltages. The laboratory provides experiments of handling high voltages properly and how to overcome most common technical problems in transmission line components and transformers. The laboratory allows the user to implement the desired circuit easily as all parts are designed in a modular shape and characterized by light weight, also all the oil filled components are leak proof. This lab is designed with high standards and local safety regulation.

Spesification :

  • Input Supply Voltage: 220V, 50Hz, 100Amps
  • HVAC Voltage Rating: 100 kV, 5kVA continuous duty
  • HVDC Voltage Rating: 140 KV
  • Impulse output Voltage Rating: 420kV Impulse (140kV/stage)
  • Impulse Generator No. of Stages: 3
  • Impulse Generator Stored Energy: 2.94 kilo joules
  • Lightning Impulse: 1.2/50 p sec
  • Switching Impulse: 250/2500 p sec

Technical Specifications :
1. High Voltage Transformer
• Single phase AC voltage test Transformer
• rated 220V/100kV, 5kVA continuous
• percentage impedance voltage about 4%

2. Control Desk
• Supply Voltage: 220V.
• Regulating transformer: 10kVA Continuous rating driven by 25V DC geared motor drive.
• Regulating Voltage: 220v/0-230V.
• Output: 10 kVA continuous 20 kVA short time duty 2 min.
• Frequency: 50Hz

3. HV Rectifier
• Inverse PeakVoltage: 140 KV.
• Rated Current: 20 mA.
• Protective resistor: 100 KΩ

4. HV Capacitor
• DC an impulsive Voltage: 140 kV
• Capacitance: 100pF/100kV; 1200pF, 25nF/140kV

5. High Voltage Divider Impulse
• DC and Impulsive Voltage: 140 kV
• Capacitance: 1.2 nF

6. Resistor :
A. Measuring
• DC Voltage: 140 kV.
• Resistance: 280 M a
• Rated Contiguous Current: 0.5 mA.
B. Charging
• Dc and Impulsive Voltages: 140 kV.
• Resistance: 10MΩ
C. Lightning &Switching Impulse
Consist of wave front, wave tail with 140kV impulse voltage

7. Sphere Gap + Driver
• Impulse Voltage: 140 kV.
• Sphere Diameter: 100 mm.
• Max. Gap Setting with Gap Setting Indicator: 80 mm.

8. Vessel for Vacuum & Pressure
• Impulse Voltage: 140 kV.
• AC Voltage 100kV
• Sphere Diameter: 50 mm and another electrode; needle, flat and rod
• Transparent plexi glass body, total height 800mm
• Max pressure 6.5bar

9. Electrode
Aluminum, with 300mm of diameter

10. Discharge Rod
• Length: 2.5 m.
• Discharge Resistance: 100Ω

11. Earthing Switch
• Impulse Voltage: 140 kV.
• DC Voltage: 140 kV.
• Service Voltage: 24 V, 50/60 Hz.

12. Insulating Rod
• ACVoltage: 100 kV.
• DCVoltage: 140 kV.

13. ConductiveRod
Made fromaluminum

14. FloorPedestal
The floor pedestal is a conductive element for mounting up to four Spacer bars horizontally and supporting
one component vertically, made from aluminum.

15. Connecting Cup
It is a conductive element. Four elements can be inserted in the horizontal position and two in the vertical
position, made from aluminum.

16. Spacer Tube
The spacer tube is used for mechanical an electrical connection on ground level when inserted into
floor pedestal, made from aluminum.

17. Voltmeter DC, Impulse Peak, AC Peak
– The Voltmeter (DC) is used for measurement of DC voltage, and the connection to Measuring Resistor.
– The Voltmeter impulse peak is used for measurement of the impulse voltage peak, and connection to the load capacitor.
With : SupplyVoltage: 220V, 50Hz.
Measuring Range: 100 – 1000 kV.
– The Voltmeter AC peak is used for measurement of AC voltage Peak, and connection to the Measuring capacitor or the Compressed Air Capacitor or Coupling Capacitor.
With : Supply Voltage: 220V, 50Hz.
Measuring Range: 100 – 1000 kV.

18. Trigger Device
It is used for triggering the impulse voltage generator, impulse voltage oscilloscope and chopping the spark gap. The trigger impulse is transferred to the high voltage sphere by means of a fiber optics cable.

19. Electrical Trigger Sphere
It is suitable for use with the sphere gaps and measuring the spark gaps. In conjunction with the triggering device, the impulse volt generator can be triggered and the voltage can be chopped at a pre-set instant with fiber optic cable 10 m long, 100mm sphere diameter.

20. Voltage Divider
The low voltage divider incorporates the low voltage capacitor and the 75 ohm cable adaptor.
Measuring range : 450 kV, 300 kV, 150 kV, 75 kV, 37.5 kV.

21. Measuring Capacitor
• AC Voltage: 100 kV.
• Capacitance: 100 pF.

22. Flexible Connector
• Length: Approx. 0.7 m for 200 kV,
• Approx. 2.2 m for 300 kV.

23. Safety Cage
• 4.5 x 5.5m
• Net wire fence with 2m of height
• Completed with safety door lock, signal lamps, aluminum floor plate, and grounding system.

Requirement :
• Space Area : 800cm x 800 cm
• Electricity : 220VAC, 50Hz, 1Ph. 12kVA


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