Kode : NL-CST.1



Sedimentation is a separation stage of solids suspended in a water volume or current where particles heavier than
water settle due to the action of gravity. In the industry, the equipment designed to carry out the sedimentation
operations are generally the sedimentation tanks, also known as clarifiers. These types of systems are mounted in
stages of primary treatment to eliminate the particles in suspension, such as sands. The use of these tanks is also
very effective to remove the colloids formed in chemical stages.

The Continuous Sedimentation Study Unit is a teaching unit designed to become familiar with the settling of
discrete or coagulated particles inside a tank. It will also allow the study of the hydraulic characteristics of a
rectangular sedimentation tank working in continuous mode.

The equipment is supplied with the required material to study the tank efficiency under different circumstances,
modifying the relevant variables of the process, such as flow rates and concentrations. It also includes an ink
injection system to trace the flow direction through the sedimentation tank and locate dead spaces and/or flow

Technical Specification :
Suspension installation, consists of:
– Feed Tank : min. 140 L
– Sedimentation tank, made of transparent material with volume min. 120 L
– Feed pump : 370Watt, 50lt/min
– Flow regulation valve
– Flowmeter, range: 0.2 – 2 l/min.

Clean water installation, consists of :
– Flow regulation valve.
– Flowmeter, range: 1 – 11 l/min.

Supply Including :
– Standard Accessories: cable, fitting, nametag
– All necessary materials for installations
– Transport to Location, Installation, Commissioning, Trial Run
– Installation, Function Test and Training

Requirements :
– Space for footprint : 130cm x 60 cm
– Electricity : 220VAC, 50Hz, 1Ph. 750Watt
– Equipment requires a water source and the water material used in this practice is demineralized water or
distilled water


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